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Peter Anne/Anna Hansen
Hans Marie/Maria Petersen
Christian Catharine/Catharina Jensen
Andreas/Anders Christine/Christina Nielsen
Johan/Johannes Maren Christensen
Jens Margrethe Andersen
Niels Karen Jacobsen
Jørgen Helene Jørgensen

At the moment only names with gender and birth year are listed. Female persons where maiden name is not known are excluded. About 1350 names are online.

More than 90 percent emigrated to the USA or Australia, where the names often were anglicised. For example:

* Hans/Johan/Johannes became John
* Andreas/Anders became Andrew
* Jens became James
* Niels became Neil
* Jørgen became George
* Mathias became Matthew

Keep that in mind if you're looking for an elusive ancestor. If you need help or want to add a person then feel free to Contact us.

We're trying to build a database of emigrants from Sønderjylland - also called southern Jutland or northern Schleswig.

The database is run by and Jessen Research for the combination of business and research.

Sønderjylland is the Danish-German border region (towns like Haderslev, Aabenraa, Tønder and Sønderborg on the map). From 1864 to 1920 the area was under German rule. In that period more than 50000 people emigrated from the region, the vast majority had Danish mother tongue. In records they often are listed variously being from Germany/Prussia, Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, Sønderjylland or Denmark.

For more info:
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bjolderup parish 7 20120311 1972192864 Ancient postcards with pictures from the region listed by towns/parishes  can be found in the Gallery.